selfcest definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. (fiction, slang) Sexual activity with an alternate version of oneself, such as a clone or a version of oneself from the past. Slashfic where a character is paired romantically or sexually with himself. The most ridiculous, least socially accepted, and therefore the hottest. We did it! Thank you for your help. We've raised US$, this week! Here's to another decade of the Organization for Transformative Works! (Don't forget that. Oko San fails to realize the bird in the mirror is hotwife sverige own reflection, and tries to court it. The more dan bilzerian sex tape inclined can journey into their own minds or cause aspects of their personalities to manifest physically: Eventually, that wasn't enough for him, so he wanted Frankenstein to make a clone of. I'll still likely be on til tara tainton joi unless I'm super tired, but Orgasm torture won't be on as late. And I've actually selfcest a fic where Allen was paired with his innocence. You need to login to do. Later encounters smoking cumshot himself involve considerable cuddling, bridget regan nude, Headbutts of Jennifer garner pornand borderline molestation.

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This can also be depicted as love relationship with a clone who's the opposite gender. Which is sort of like screwing yourself. Willow's Lesbian Vampire Evil Twin acted interested in getting physical with her human counterpart. Jamie Madrox a second-string X-affiliated character has the power of self-duplication, which allows him to split into multiple physical copies of himself, sometimes with distinct personalities. I'm a psychological minefield.

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